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Is Vein Disease Hereditary?

When it comes to the health of veins and the entire vascular system, some people seem to have better “luck” than others. But is that really the case? It may not be luck, per se, but it could be genetics. In short, vein disease can...
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April 24, 2018
BlogVein Health

What is Reflux in the Veins?

If you experienced sudden changes to your skin tone, swelling in your legs, ankles or arms, painful and bulging veins, or red inflammation around your veins, it could be a sign that you are suffering from a vein disease known as venous reflux. Learning more about venous...
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April 15, 2018
BlogVein Disease

The Seriousness of Vein Disease

Currently, there are millions of people all across the country are suffering from some form of vein disease. Many of these people don’t seek treatment for it because they believe it is a relatively minor problem, but that is a decision that could have serious and...
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April 7, 2018

DVT and Cancer: Is There A Link?

Deep vein thrombosis and cancer are two separate conditions that can lead to serious complications. However, although these conditions may seem unrelated at first, they actually share a two-way connection. Having cancer can raise a patient’s risk of developing a DVT. Likewise, having a DVT...
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February 20, 2018
BlogVein Health

How to Keep Your Veins Healthy for Life

Your vascular system supports everything your body does, so vein health is incredibly important for a long, fulfilling life. Veins, as part of the body’s circulatory system, are responsible for directing blood flow back to the lungs and heart. These vital organs are the source of oxygen...
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February 10, 2018
BlogVein Treatment

How is Vein Stripping Done?

If the term vein stripping surgery makes you nervous, you’re not alone. This nervousness arises out of the misconception that the procedure is sudden and drastic, as the name seems to suggest, or that it involves a hospital stay. The fact is, modern vein doctors use...
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January 25, 2018
BlogVein DiseaseVein Treatment

What is Chronic Vein Disease?

Chronic Venous Insufficiency, also known as chronic vein disease, refers to conditions caused by or involving the veins, which have become abnormal or diseased. Vein specialists perform vein treatment for chronic venous insufficiency. These vein health conditions include: Spider veins Varicose vein Swelling of the Legs Leg...
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January 8, 2018