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Why Does Lymphedema Cause Fatigue?

Your lymph system is an interconnected network of nodes and tubes or vessels that plays an integral role in the body’s immune system and also serves to drain away excess fluids, waste, and toxins that collect in the body’s soft tissues. The lymph fluid inside...
October 25, 2017

Living With Lymphedema

Lymphedema is chronic swelling in the arms or legs caused by damage to the lymphatic system. One of those conditions that can’t be cured, it must be managed with conservative treatments to prevent complications like skin breakdown or infections. Here are the basics about lymphedema...

Treatment Options for Lymphedema

In simple terms, lymphedema is the disruption or a blockage of your lymph fluid flow causing it to build up in the layer of tissue you have that is under your skin. This leads to severe swelling and pain. Two potential triggers of this condition...
April 21, 2017

What is Lymphedema?

This condition often takes patients by surprise.  It might be present at birth or develop after surgery or another treatment such as radiation for cancer. The leading cause of lymphedema in the legs is untreated chronic venous insufficiency, and often “hidden” varicose veins, that lead...
February 26, 2017