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If you are dealing with the discomfort and irritation of varicose veins, then you are probably already asking “When should I treat my varicose veins?” and “What effecitve varicose vein treatments are available?” Of course, you can treat your varicose veins at any time of the year, but many of our patients have appreciated the benefits of treating their varicose veins in the fall.[/caption]

When Summer Ends, it’s Time to see the Vein Doctor

Autumn through springtime offers the cooler weather that allows you to cover up. You can hide the bruising that occurs after a procedure as the pooled blood is released and eventually reabsorbed. All the black and blue is a sign of healing, but not really a good look for FL beach season.

Will Varicose Vein Treatments Hurt?

With all the bruising, you might ask “how painful is varicose vein removal?” Vein Treatments are typically painless, though some discomfort may occur. We’ve never had a patient ask to stop their procedure due to pain. However, if you do feel experience any unpleasantness, there are ways to reduce your discomfort. We use minimally-invasive procedures to eliminate the spider veins in the easiest and most effective way.

Compression Options for Healing

In the cooler months, you will find the compression clothing is far more comfortable to wear, which is helpful for post-treatment healing. You will probably be instructed to wear compression socks for as long as a month to reduce swelling and bruising, while improving blood flow and healing.

Easier Options for Insurance Coverage

During the year, you are probably working towards your deductible, so fall is the ideal time to consider whether or not a varicose vein treatment is in your budget. Your insurance will cover more of the procedure when your deductible is met. And, considering varicose vein removal in October or November means you insurance still has plenty of time for pre-authorization before the end of the calendar year (when your deductible resets). We can help with submitting your insurance information and setting up a payment program if you decide not to use your insurance.

Cooler Weather is Better for Healing!

As mentioned, it is easier to wear the compression clothing in the fall, but the cooler weather is also good for reducing inflammation. During the hot months of summer, the tendency for increased blood pooling and swelling is heightened. UV rays of the sun are also weaker and will cause less of a breakdown to your skin. Fall is the perfect time for cooler days and nights that naturally reduce any discomfort in the healing process and speed your recovery.

Find a Vein Specialist in Tampa, Florida

If you are trying to get irritating veins removed and eliminated for good, Dr. Chris Pittman can help. As your vein specialist, Dr. Pittman offers treatment options in the greater Tampa area that will remove your spider veins and alleviate the discomfort they bring. Schedule your consultation today with our secure video consultation option or a traditional in-person appointment!

Don’t wait! Fall is the perfect time to get varicose vein treatment done!