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Vein Disease

Vein Disease

How Do You Treat an Ulcer on the Leg?

Leg ulcers are long-lasting, chronic sores that can develop on the lower legs. Also known as venous ulcers or stasis ulcers, these sores can take more than four to six weeks to heal. With appropriate treatment, though, leg ulcers should heal within three to four months....
June 25, 2018
Vein Disease

Is Vein Disease Hereditary?

When it comes to the health of veins and the entire vascular system, some people seem to have better “luck” than others. But is that really the case? It may not be luck, per se, but it could be genetics. In short, vein disease can...
April 24, 2018
Vein Disease

The Seriousness of Vein Disease

Currently, there are millions of people all across the country are suffering from some form of vein disease. Many of these people don’t seek treatment for it because they believe it is a relatively minor problem, but that is a decision that could have serious and...
April 7, 2018