What Are Leg Ulcers?

Severe venous congestion interferes with nutrition to the skin causing ulcers and wounds that will not heal. Venous disease is the most common cause of ulcers on the leg; however, many people with leg ulcers and even many of their physicians do not know there are effective treatments for them. Venous ulcers almost always resolve after treatment.

With venous ulcers causing the loss of as many as two million working days per year, and the condition accounting for 70 percent to 90 percent of ulcers discovered on the lower leg, it’s imperative to seek help for leg ulcers in Tampa, FL if you believe you may have the condition. When treated early, leg ulcers can be healed successfully without causing further complications.

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Where Did My Leg Ulcer Come From?

There are several types of leg ulcers but over 80% of leg ulcers are caused by vein disease. 1 in 100 Americans (1%) have a non-healing wound on their leg!

Venous leg ulcers (VLU) develop from vein disease. Vein disease is the improper functioning of veins and their valves. The valves in your veins are the only thing preventing the backflow of blood. When your veins enlarge, valves do not shut completely, and blood leaks through the valves and down towards your feet. Vein valve leaks usually start at the top of your leg and blood leaks through the valves. This is similar to a leak in the attic causing a flood in the basement. A waterfall is another analogy. When blood leaks and pools in your leg veins, fluid then spreads and builds up in the surrounding tissue. This fluid build up causes increased pressure in the leg preventing oxygenated and nutrient rich blood flow to the surface of your skin. This impaired blood flow leads to skin death and ulceration.


What Can Be Done For My Wound?

First things first, treat your skin, also known as the “Drywall”. We may refer you to see a wound care specialist to take care of your skin and prevent infection. Then, treat your veins, also known as the “Plumbing”. Your vein problem is THE cause of your ulcer! If we fix your plumbing (veins), your drywall (skin) will get better! Unless your veins are treated, your ulcer may not heal or stay healed. An ultrasound of your legs will be performed to see which minimally invasive vein treatments you qualify for. Additionally, compression is critical to the overall treatment of your ulcer and your vein disease. Your Vein911 team will measure and fit you for a high quality, medical grade, graduated compression following your vein treatment.