Do you have small facial veins on your nose, cheeks, or chin? Technically, they’re called Telangiectasias or Spider Angiomas.

Causes of Facial Veins

These small spider veins are usually a result of the natural aging process, but they could also show up due to sun damage, genetics, or an injury or trauma to the area. Some people who have a skin condition known as rosea are also prone to getting them, as are people who have liver disease or lupus. Pregnancy, steroid use, allergies, and the use of oral contraceptives can also be culprits. Sometimes they develop as a result of excessive coughing or sneezing.

Regardless, of their cause though, you don’t have to live with the. And that’s exactly where we come in here at Vein911 in Tampa, FL.

Treatment of Veins on the Face

A popular and effective treatment for small spider veins on the face is the VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System. This treatment involves the use of a hairline probe that delivers a small, high-frequency current into your vein. Your vein is heated, the blood and coagulated, and the walls of the vein vessel are collapses. The end result is that the vein is absorbed directly into your body.

Because the outer layer of the skin isn’t affected by the VeinGogh treatment, there is no outside skin trauma. This means that you can quickly return to your normal daily routine and activities.  You may experience some mild redness for about two to three hours following your treatment.

Our patients often ask if the VeinGogh treatment hurts. Most patients report that they feel a pinch when the probe is inserted into the vein. Patients say that it feels similar to a hair being removed. That said, everyone has very different pain tolerance levels.

The VeinGogh treatment method is designed to treat small veins.It’s not recommended for larger veins or feeder veins.

How Long Does the VeinGogh Treatment Last

Your treatment length depends upon the size of the area to be treatment. Treatment sessions could be as short as one minute or as long as about 30 minutes. In many cases, only one treatment session is needed, but on occasion, some individuals need a follow-up session. Your treated vein will not return as long as it was treated properly. Of course, new veins could develop over time, which may prompt you to have them removed or you may require touch ups.

If you have red, purple, or blue spider-like veins on your face and want to have them treated, please give us a call at Vein911 at 855-396-9911. We have two convenient locations. One in Tampa, FL (close to  St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital) and a location in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg.

Abnormal veins are often embarrassing for patients regardless of their location on the body. However, when these veins appear on the face, they can have a dramatic impact on your self-esteem. Below is some basic information about facial veins, why they appear and what you can do to get rid of them.

Defining Facial Veins

Facial veins are spider veins that develop on the face. They are most common on the nose, forehead and cheeks, but they can appear in other locations as well. Some people refer to facial veins as “spider angiomas” or “telangiectasias.” In most cases, these veins do not cause any of the uncomfortable symptoms that may be experienced with other types of abnormal veins.

Causes of Facial Veins

Many different factors can contribute to the development of abnormal veins on the face. Some of the most common causes of these veins include:


Treatments for Facial Veins

If you have abnormal veins on your face, effective treatment is available. The most effective method used to treat these facial veinsveins is known as “VeinGogh.” This procedure utilizes highly concentrated radiofrequency energy that is designed to destroy the diseased vein without damaging the healthy skin around it. This procedure can be completed in less than 30 minutes. Patients don’t need to check into the hospital for this procedure, and no anesthesia is required.

The results of VeinGogh become evident immediately after the procedure. However, if a severe case or new abnormal veins develop on the face in the future, repeated treatments may be necessary. VeinGogh can also be used to remove cherry angiomas effectively.


Click here to see what cherry angiomas look like.


How Do I Learn More?

If you have noticed the appearance of abnormal veins on your face, treating them early is highly recommended. Visit the vein specialists at Vein911 for an accurate diagnosis and more information about treatment.