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Gayle Guyardo. Hear Her Vein Disease Story.

In 2007 Gayle Guyardo, host of Bloom, News Channel 8, WFLA was involved in a car accident that left her with vein related symptoms and vein concerns. After suffering for years with ankle and leg swelling, heaviness in her legs and tingling and numbness, she decided to take action with Vein911 Vein Treatment Center. “After walking for long periods of time, my legs would be achy, painful and tender”, Gayle mentions. Gayle went on to explain, she would have extreme pain and spontaneous toe curling in her right foot. As Dr. Pittman describes, Gayle’s diagnosis was simple. Patients come in for an initial consultation and a brief ultrasound. During the patients appointment, our vein care specialists will thoroughly examine a patients legs for venous insufficiency. Following Gayle’s appointment, Vein911 Vein Treatment Center sent Gayle home with knee-high compression socks. “Without compression, my foot would start to go numb. It would start to swell and you know start to fill up with fluid”, Gayle adds. Hear her full story below, as she begins her vein treatment journey.