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Learn More About Sclerotherapy

Many of our patients are excited to discover that sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive but highly effective treatment for spider veins.

Before the current advancements in treatment technologies, wearing compression hose after sclerotherapy was a regular part of the recovery process. In some cases, many vein specialists still require their patients to wear the compression hose after sclerotherapy.

However, at Vein911, sclerotherapy stockings and sclerotherapy compression hose are rarely necessary, depending on the size of the veins being treated. Here’s why:  Vein911 sclerotherapy treatments are effective with or without stockings or hose. Stockings or hose aren’t necessary to get fantastic results for most spider vein patients at Vein911!

If the reluctance to wear compression hose has kept you from receiving sclerotherapy treatments that could make your unsightly veins disappear forever, today is the day to change that.

Visit our vein treatments page to learn more about the vein treatment options we offer at Vein911. Contact us today if you have any questions about hose free sclerotherapy.