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Life-Changing Results

Vein Treatment Results and Testimonials for Vein911

April Cortes, a recent Vein911 patient was recently featured in a nationally recognized magazine, First of Women.  Sluggish or improperly working veins have been draining the energy from men and women for hundreds of years. Hear April’s story discussing her journey to an amazing recovery and energy boost after treatment of her venous insufficiency. 

Many patients and even health care professionals don’t realize that hidden vein problems can cause lifestyle limiting symptoms. Some patient’s symptoms may go undiagnosed and untreated for years. You may have symptoms even without visible varicose veins!

Venous insufficiency is simply “a leak in the attic causing a flood in the basement”. Leaking vein valves result in pooling of blood in the lower legs producing numerous symptoms including: aches, pains, cramping, throbbing, burning, heavy/tired legs, night cramps, restless legs, ankle swelling, ankle discoloration or rash, and, in severe cases, ankle ulcers. All of these symptoms may be present with or without visible varicose veins.

The main causes of venous insufficiency are heredity number one and pregnancy number two so it is the only disease I know caused by parents and children! The number three cause is occupations requiring standing for a long time such as teaching, hair styling, nursing, and waiting tables, as well as those who must sit for a long time in front of a computer all day and telephone customer service representatives. Increasing age and obesity also contribute to vein disease but not as much as many people think. The main cause by far is heredity so you can eat right and exercise regularly and still have vein disease.

Takeaway Points

  • Vein disease is often hidden and visible varicose veins may not be present.
  • Hidden vein disease may significantly impact your overall well-being since vein related symptoms may affect a restful night’s sleep.
  • Hidden vein problems can be easily diagnosed with an ultrasound exam.
  • Over 90% of our patients with venous disease suffering from restless legs and nights cramps make a full recovery after treatment, often with amazing results.
  • The quality of vein treatment centers are not the same so do your homework.
  • One out of every 5 new patients in our practice have been previously treated with poor or incomplete results and Vein911 Vein Treatment Centers helps these patients with minimally invasive, Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy


Hello Florida Blue,

I am writing this letter to appeal your decision on NOT covering the “Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy” (UGFS) treatments for both of my legs. This appeal is specifically for the left leg, where I have had 5 of these treatments so far (none of which have been covered by Florida Blue). I will also be submitting an appeal for my right leg, but they have not started those treatments yet.

Here are the 5 claim #’s that were denied by Florida Blue for my procedures:

XXXXXX on 10/27
XXXXXX on 10/28
XXXXXX on 10/29
XXXXXX on 11/4
XXXXXX on 11/11

Let me first say that I have been VERY happy with my plan with Florida Blue, and I know that this is not just a Florida Blue decision. Unfortunately, this treatment is not covered by most, if not all, insurance companies.

A little about my background: I am a licensed insurance agent in 47 states, including Florida. I specialize in all types of Medicare plans. I am licensed and appointed to sell Florida Blue plans along with several other companies. I say this because I want you to understand that I get this whole appeal process. I have advised many of my clients to appeal decisions from insurance companies if their claim is not approved.

I have seen dozens of specialists and vascular surgeons, and NONE of them have said I will ever be cured. “It will be a condition you will live with for the rest of your life.” That is until I saw Dr. Christopher Pittman a few months ago.

Not only did he and his staff quickly come up with a plan to help me, but they were also very upfront and honest. They told me that the venous ablation treatments would be covered, but NOT the Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy (UGFS). He then explained to me why this is such an important procedure. Then it made sense to me.

I want to explain to you why I feel that this procedure should not only be covered for myself but for anyone suffering from these conditions. I suffer from Peripheral Venous Insufficiency & Varicose Veins in Lower Extremities. This is a condition that started for me when I was a senior in college (1999). Over the last 20+ years, my left leg has swollen to approximately double the size of my right leg. With all the excess blood in my ankle area, I have developed a large ulcer on the outside of my ankle and some smaller ones on the inside.

I have had multiple “Venous Ablation” procedures, which have never helped my leg heal (and here is Dr. Pittman’s simplified explanation). If you look at your leg like a tree, the venous ablations only treat the tree’s trunk. The UGFS treatment specifically targets the branches, and unless you do both, you will NEVER fully heal. This made complete sense to me because I have had multiple venous ablations over the last 20 years.

None of them ever helped with my ulcer or the swelling in my leg. From an insurance standpoint, consider the value of UGFS (a fraction of the cost of venous ablation.) By approving these treatments to complement the ablation treatments will save you money in the long term! The patient can then fully heal and will not need multiple ablation procedures like I have over 20+ years!!

After having the venous ablation and specifically the 5 UGFS treatments, I can already see the results. The swelling in my leg is down considerably, and my ulcers are starting to heal!

Thank you for considering. Sincerely,