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About Vein911

Vein911 offers the highest standard in vein treatment and is led by Dr. Chris Pittman. Dr. Pittman, who is Board Certified in Vascular and Interventional Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology, and Diplomate of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine. He is dedicated to diagnosing and treating vein diseases without surgery. Vein911 takes pride in offering minimally-invasive surgery and delivering award-winning, world-renowned medical & cosmetic vein care, superior patient experience & a satisfaction guarantee.

Our Patient Testimonials

Read through our vein treatment results and see how Vein911 can help you achieve the best vein care. Every testimonial represents our client’s exact words, unedited and unabridged.

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Testimonial of Dr. Madelyn Butler

I am a surgeon and stand in one position almost the entire day. Over the years the pain and swelling worsened. At one point I was fearful the pain could end up impacting my ability to continue in my profession. Although I tried a couple other treatment methods I was never totally free of the unsightly veins or the pain and swelling. At one point I had to buy shoes in a larger size due to the discomfort from the swelling in my feet.

I was treated by Dr. Pittman over a period of several months. He is the only one who has been able to help me and provide relief from the pain and swelling but also the horrid appearance of the varicose veins. I no longer have a problem with the long periods of being on my feet in the same position. I am also now able to fit into my normal shoe size. For the first time in my life I received relief from the pain and swelling associated with the varicosities with which I have been dealing for years.

I am now referring patients with vein issues to Dr. Pittman and Vein911. I tell them the treatments I received have provided miraculous results for me. I have also shared with my colleagues the astounding results and they too are now referring only to Dr. Pittman.

Dr. Madelyn Butler
Tampa, Fla.

Testimonial of Milos K.

I am a professional tennis player. I have a genetic predisposition to varicose veins. Both my father and my sister have them. However, with mine, despite being athletic and in great shape, I began to experience pain about 7-8 months ago from the varicose veins. Since I make my living by playing tennis, I needed to resolve the pain issue. A friend of mine is a plastic surgeon and because I thought the varicose veins were an aesthetic issue I went to the plastic surgeon to seek treatment. However, he referred me to Dr. Pittman.

After the first laser treatment, I was back competing in Europe within 3-1/2 weeks. There was a minimum level of pain during this time but it has now dissipated. I’ve had foam ablation and other procedures in the intervening months and I am extremely pleased with the results. I no longer have the unsightly veins, and I am no longer in pain.

Milos K.
Lakeland, Fla.

Testimonial of Tatiana B.

Dear Dr. Pittman, We are very grateful for your help! It was absolutely amazing work, convincing that you are an exceptional professional. We just came back from Colorado where Mikhail has hiked and walked around Aspen for two months without any serious vein troubles or pain. His leg looks good too. Thank you so much for the treatment and attitude, your experience is precious and beyond compare. Wishing you health and huge success in the future.

Mikhail and Tatiana B.
Tampa, Fla.

Testimonial of Linda E.

I was at The Woman’s Group for my routine annual visit and noticed the information about Dr. Pittman’s experience in the treatment of vein disease.

Dr. Butler, my gynecologist, noticed how bad my varicose veins were and encouraged me to see Dr. Pittman. She further advised if I did not get off my feet and make some changes I would end up unable to get around to even doing routine tasks. Since I love my gynecologist and have great confidence in her, I decided to have a consultation with Dr. Pittman. I realized The Woman’s Group would not have a physician affiliated with their practice if he were not highly skilled and qualified.

Despite knowing I needed treatment for my veins, I was very skeptical due to past experiences. I’d had two separate procedures in the past, both without success and with pain and discomfort.

For convenience, I opted to go to the Lutz office of The Woman’s Group for my appointment with Dr. Pittman. I had the procedure done last June prior to a beach vacation. When I returned recently for my follow up, Dr. Pittman remembered me and asked about my vacation. I was surprised he remembered me as unfortunately most doctors today don’t know their patients by name. He is very caring and kind.

Due to my previous experience with vein procedures, I did not expect the amazing results Dr. Pittman was able to achieve for me. I am thrilled at how my legs now look and I did not experience pain or discomfort as I had in the past.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Dr. Pittman and Vein911.

Linda E.
Lutz, Fla.

Testimonial of Kathy W.

I was in The Woman’s Group for my routine annual exam and saw notices that they had added Dr. Pittman to their staff for the treatment of vein disease. My husband had been after me for years to tend to a large, protruding, rope like vein on my leg. He was fearful it could rupture or cause a blood clot. That day I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pittman and did so before I left the office. On the day of my appointment with Dr. Pittman he performed an ultrasound on my leg and told me I should thank my husband as I did have a varicose vein that needed to be treated.

Dr. Pittman and all his staff were extremely nice and very professional. Dr. Pittman was very gentle and did an excellent job with the procedure to eliminate my varicose vein, with no pain or discomfort. I cannot say enough about how easy it was and what a great job Dr. Pittman did. I should not have waited so long to have the vein treated.

My daughter also has vein disease but lives in North Carolina. I wish she lived in Florida so she could have Dr. Pittman take care of her too.

I highly recommend Dr. Pittman and his staff at Vein911.

Kathy W.
Tampa, Fla. 

Testimonial of D. Joseph

Dear Dr. Pittman,
Happy New Year to you, and wishing you the very best for this year 2015,  filled with God’s blessings, love, joy, peace, good health….! Thank you for the outstanding care that I received during my treatment at Vein911. You and your staff are truly amazing. I still feel a bit sore but I know that this will go away in time. I am still taking the Ibuprofen tablets. For the first time in years, I had a pain free period – no painful bulging veins at the back of my thighs. It really felt good to not be experiencing that type of pain. Thank you so very much for everything.  I’ll keep in touch with you to let you know of my progress.

Best Regards,
D. Joseph
Commonwealth of Dominica 

Testimonial of Blessings W.

I am a local dance instructor and as a result am on my feet most of the day. Both my mother and maternal and paternal grandmothers have varicose veins, so I am genetically pre-disposed to get them. After two pregnancies, spider veins began to appear on my legs.  I was aware of sclerotherapy as a treatment option for them and I went to a local physician who treats them.   However, following the treatment, dark blue veins, larger than spider veins, appeared on my thighs. The sclerotherapy treatment, which I’ve now learned should not be painful, was extremely painful. Two technicians worked on me. I was given a rubber ball to squeeze in my hand to help with dealing with the pain.

Because the sclerotherapy treatment did not alleviate my spider veins, the physician recommended I have an ultrasound. From that he indicated that 50% of the veins in my legs were dilated 2 times their normal size. He said I was a good candidate to undergo laser treatment of the veins. I did a lot of investigating on my own about the laser procedure. I also talked to friends about it. Feeling satisfied with what I learned, I opted to proceed with the laser treatment. I did not have a good outcome. I had a great deal of ankle pain. I was told it was nothing to worry about.  In the two ensuing years under the care of this practice I received no improvement and the pain only worsened and extended to the inside of my knees and my medial thigh. The pain seemed to increase with activity and when I was ovulating. As a dance instructor and normally being very active, this was debilitating.  I could not even enjoy playing with my children. I felt like I couldn’t even go out of the house.  Ultimately, I was told nothing else could be done and it was recommended I be evaluated for an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia or lupus.

After talking with some of the other teachers at my work I learned about Dr. Pittman. I made an appointment and met with him. He is very methodical in his evaluation. He evaluates the ultrasound himself rather than relying on a technician to tell him the location of the problem veins. As a precaution he did suggest that I proceed with seeing a specialist and having blood work done to determine that I did not have some other condition (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, or fibromyalgia). I did go to a specialist and had a CT scan and blood work, the results of which were completely normal.

Dr. Pittman performed visual sclerotherapy and ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy on me and I experienced no pain and am amazed at the results. I no longer have pain, no ugly veins and no longer have blood pooling in my legs. I really thought I was going to have to go to Europe to get the proper treatment for my vein issues and as it turned out my physician neighbor was the answer to my problem. His wife had been in some of my dance classes and I knew her husband was a physician but did not know what type of physician. I am so thankful for Dr. Pittman and the staff at Vein911. They each are very caring and make you feel very safe and comfortable during your treatment.

I highly recommend Vein911 for anyone suffering from unsightly varicose veins and related pain.

Blessings W.
Thonotosassa, Fla.

Testimonial of Darlene H.

Recently while at The Woman’s Group for my routine annual visit I noticed an ad posted telling about Dr. Pittman’s affiliation with The Woman’s Group for the treatment of vein disease.

I’d always had some unsightly veins but after the birth of my second child, a patch of protruding veins appeared around my ankle. It was about the size of a medium potato and made me very self conscious. It was protruding and discolored. Ultimately I also began to have issues with the area swelling and causing me significant pain. Customarily I wore panty hose to work but in recent months my employer changed the rules and no longer required us to wear them. At least with the panty hose the discoloration was less visible. I realized I needed to do something to get rid of the varicose veins.

Because of the information I’d seen about Dr. Pittman, I made an appointment. Following an ultrasound he determined I did have vein disease that could be eliminated with a laser procedure. After the procedure I was amazed at the results. I’ve been diligent to wear the compression hose for the required period of time.

I am now undergoing spider vein treatment by Dr. Pittman. I was also very pleased with the pricing of the spider vein treatment packages. It appears he is mindful of keeping the expense reasonable for his patients.

When I returned for my follow up appointment Dr. Pittman remembered me and my situation which made me feel very good. He genuinely cares about you as a patient.

I am pleased to endorse Dr. Pittman and the staff at Vein911. They are terrific.

Darlene H.
Seffner, Fla.

Testimonial of Robert S.

When I hit my late 40s, early 50s I noticed that I had developed many varicose veins in my legs. Although there was some pain associated with them I did not want to undergo surgery. I had observed an Army buddy of mine who’d undergone surgery for his many years ago and whose recovery from the surgery was brutal. He was pretty much a cripple for six months and in considerable pain.

Several months ago I ran across an article in AARP’s magazine that talked about the new laser procedures now available for remedying one of varicose veins. I went to my primary care physician and told him I did not know if my insurance would cover this new procedure but that I wanted to explore getting my varicose veins fixed because of my concern about blood clots.

My primary care physician recommended Dr. Pittman to me. I went for an initial consultation and ultrasound vein mapping, which determined that I could benefit significantly from undergoing the laser procedure, followed by foam treatments. I’ve now had the procedures on both my legs and am very pleased with the results. There was some discomfort but it was very minimal and I felt it certainly worth undergoing a little discomfort to have the fear of further, more significant pain and the risk of blood clots eliminated. My legs look much better too.

I would highly recommend anyone who has varicose veins to contact Vein911 and schedule a consultation.

Robert S.
Lakeland, Fla.

Testimonial of Michelle M.

I learned about Dr. Pittman from a friend of mine who is a nurse in Lakeland, where Dr. Pittman practiced before coming to Tampa. She indicated that all the nurses with whom she worked used him and said he was terrific. Generally, when another health care professional recommends someone it is an indication they are highly qualified and competent.

I really did not have any problems until after my daughter was born. There was a gap of several years between her and the birth of my oldest son.  In each of my subsequent pregnancies, the swelling and pain grew increasingly worse. I was referred to a vein physician but it was the worst experience I’d ever had in a physician’s office. The staff immediately told me how horrible my legs looked, how it would take a long time to help me, that I should not have any more children and on and on.  I did not stay for the appointment, went to my truck and cried. I never went back.

My husband and I were undecided about having more children and believed that I’d have to wait to have my vein issues corrected if we did opt to have more children. We already knew that with each pregnancy the condition of my varicose veins and related symptoms worsened. We were concerned about it being so hard on me if I did get pregnant and had to again deal with pain and swelling caused from my vein issues.

In the interim, Dr. Pittman started seeing vein patients at The Woman’s Group and it was recommended that I schedule a consult with him. Dr. Pittman explained to me that it was not a problem to treat my veins prior to another pregnancy and it would not be a problem after my vein treatment if I wanted to have another child. He also explained that when varicose veins are causing medical issues like mine, that most insurers will pay for the treatment.

I am amazed at the results I’ve experienced following treatment by Dr. Pittman. My legs look so much better and I no longer have swelling or pain. Dr. Pittman advised that it may take up to year for some of the larger treated veins to resolve due to the extreme nature of my problems.  It has been almost a year and they are in fact almost gone.

My vein disease was quite severe and not just in my legs.  Dr. Pittman was concerned that I was also suffering from Pelvic Congestion Syndrome as I had been having chronic pelvic pain for years. He performed an ultrasound and venogram and did discover some pelvic varicose veins that were causing pelvic congestion, pelvic pain and were contributing to the varicose veins in my legs.  Once this was identified,  Dr. Pittman did a procedure to eliminate my pelvic varicose veins and I am pleased to say this has provided me with relief from pelvic pain also.

I am so happy at how well I am doing overall and how great my legs look.  I had really begun to think it was something I was just going to have to live with.  Thank goodness for Dr. Pittman’s help.   He has a great bedside manner too – genuinely enthusiastic to be able to tell the patient that he can help them.  He does deliver on his promises.

My mother in law is a school teacher and on her feet a great deal. She too is having intermittent pain and has some bulging veins. I’ve encouraged her to also go see Dr. Pittman since her insurance would cover treatment of these veins.

If you have any kind of vein issues, I strongly encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Pittman and Vein911.

Michelle M.
Brandon, Fla.

Testimonial of Laura P.

My job requires that I stand a great deal and when I did so for extended periods of time without taking a break and sitting down I was in pain and my legs felt very heavy. The varicose veins were very ugly – purple and protruding. I am very petite but had two babies over 8 pounds. Following my second pregnancy the varicose veins were even more pronounced- down both legs all the way to my ankles.

I love living in Florida and practically live at the beach and wear clothes that allow my legs to be exposed. One day when I was at the gym working out I got a glimpse of the back of my legs and was astonished at just how bad they looked. This was the breaking point.

I am very active. I run, do yoga and generally stay in shape. I am a patient of Dr. Wahba at The Woman’s Group. Dr. Wahba was very aware of my varicose vein issues and let me know that Dr. Pittman had joined their practice and recommended I make an appointment with him for a consultation and ultrasound. I immediately scheduled an appointment.

Following my laser procedure, I followed Dr. Pittman’s directive to the letter and wore the compression hose 24/7 for the appropriate length of time, even leaving them on when I showered since he indicated that helps provide the optimum results. I am now pain free and am able to stand for extended periods.

I asked a lot of questions and Dr. Pittman was very thorough in explaining the procedure. He put me at ease as he told me what to expect, including that there may be some mild skin pigment discoloration over the treated veins that could take some time to disappear.

It has been life changing for me. I can again run distances, stand without pain and my legs look great.  I highly recommend Dr. Pittman and Vein911.

Laura P.
St. Pete Beach, Fla.

Testimonial of Cheryl F.

I have a family history of varicose veins on both sides of my family and have suffered with them for some time. I finally decided I’d had enough pain, throbbing and swollen legs. I was determined to find out how to rid or lessen the uncomfortable feelings I’ve experienced for so many years.

Like most people, I turned to the internet to research doctors in the Tampa area to find someone I thought might be able to help me. I looked at many websites and when I came upon the Vein911 website I knew I’d found the right place. Dr.Pittman’s narrative not only described my problems in detail, but had a video of the procedures he performs to eliminate varicose veins. I was so impressed and I knew I would feel comfortable under his care. When I met Dr. Pittman at my first appointment, I knew I’d made the right choice! He explained the different stages of varicose veins and advised that, without any treatment, I was in danger of developing leg ulcerations and scaly skin. He suggested I wear compression stockings for about 3 months and I complied.

A few months later, I went to Vein911 for an ultrasound of my right leg (he does one leg at a time). Dr. Pittman later explained how the vein running from my heart branched down to the vein in my leg. The ultrasound identified a leakage of blood from the vein. Dr. Pittman suggested I keep wearing the compression stockings for a few more weeks and to give consideration to having the laser procedure to stop the leakage. He assured me the procedure was “medically necessary” and would be covered by insurance. At my next appointment I was offered a different compression stocking which provided additional, needed support. Dr. Pittman and his staff were always anxious to make me feel more comfortable.

I decided to have the first of two procedures to eliminate my vein problem. Dr. Pittman finished the Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) on my right leg and explained the leakage was stopped through the major vein which ran from my ankle to the top of my leg. A few weeks later an ultrasound confirmed the EVLT procedure Dr. Pittman performed sealed the leakage and I would not need to repeat the procedure. The second phase of my treatment was called Endovenous Chemical Ablation (ECA), which was performed about 6 weeks after the laser procedure. Dr. Pittman injected foam into my right leg in 5 or 6 different areas.

Through both procedures I felt only mildly uncomfortable. I believe this was due to Dr. Pittman’s expert manipulation of the tiny needle and laser and his gentle touch. Two weeks later another ultrasound confirmed my veins were beginning to heal and both procedures were a success. A few weeks later Dr. Pittman performed the same procedures on my left leg. I am feeling great for the first time in a long time.

Through all my visits to Vein911, I found Dr. Pittman to be a compassionate and dedicated physician. I believe he is the “best” in his field. I also want to acknowledge Dr. Pittman’s staff for their ability to put the patient at ease, their positive attitude and for their patience. They go above and beyond to assure the comfort and satisfaction of the patient.

In Dr. Pittman’s absence I met with Hillary Halloway, Physician’s Assistant, who reassured me that my treatment and results were important to each and every member of the doctor’s team. Each time I had an ultrasound, Amy, the tech, was always helpful, friendly and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. But most of all I need to commend Dr. Pittman’s medical assistant, Jennifer, who always had a warm, caring smile on her face and treated me as a friend. Many times I’ve sat in doctors’ offices and observed nurses call patients into the treatment room with “indifference” on their face and seemingly unaware of their patient’s anxieties. That is not the case at the Vein911 offices! From the moment Jennifer calls me in, I know I will be well taken care of. It is very apparent Dr. Pittman values his staff. I have always believed a great doctor can only be the best with a great staff. I highly recommend Vein911, Dr. Pittman and his staff. Not only are they great practitioners they are wonderful and kind human beings whom I trust implicitly.

Cheryl F.
Wesley Chapel, Fla.

Testimonial of William C.

Approximately four years ago I began to have problems with my feet.   They were swelling and I had ulcerations on them. I went to a podiatrist and was told it was a circulation problem. I was sent for testing to determine if I had a blood clot, which I did not. Often my feet were so swollen I was unable to get my shoes on to be able to go to work. I was at my wit’s end. Through a relative of mine, I learned that varicose veins are treatable by special vein care physicians. I did research on my own online and realized the symptoms explained  in the research were like the issues I was having. I looked in the phone book and found Dr. Chris Pittman. I scheduled an appointment for a consultation, then a vein mapping. I have now had both legs treated with the endovenous laser treatment and had immediate results. The swelling in my feet went away and the ulcers healed. I have no more pain or swelling and my feet look normal again. I am very happy with the treatment I received which allows me to go about my normal activities with no pain or discomfort.

William C.
Lakeland, Fla.

Testimonial of Phil C.

For over 25 years I have suffered with severe pain due to varicose veins in both legs. Part of my condition was hereditary, part from being overweight. I ultimately lost a significant amount of weight through diet changes and exercise. My chosen exercise was running but because of the pain from the varicose veins I was not able to continue my running regimen. I just felt it was something with which I would have to live, until a relative of mine familiar with laser treatments of varicose veins told me about how simple the treatment is and how well it works. I was skeptical at best.

I had my first treatment in July 2009 and was amazed at the relief from pain and the disappearance of the ugly, protruding veins with which I’d been plagued for years. If I’d not had another treatment I would have been satisfied with the improvement. However, I did go ahead and have the laser procedure on the other leg. It is wonderful to be pain free and to be comfortable wearing shorts since in the past I was always very self-conscious of the bulges caused by the damaged veins.

Just prior to having the second leg done I went on vacation. Normally after sitting for even a short period of time, I have severe shooting pains in my legs when I stand up. On vacation after driving for a period of time, I stopped, and got out of the car. It was a very strange sensation in that the leg on which I’d had the laser procedure had no pain at all, while the other one had the normal shooting pains. Because of so many years of just coping with the pain, it took a few moments to figure out why the one leg hurt and the other did not.

I encourage anyone who might be suffering, thinking nothing could be done, to contact the team at Vein911 and see what they can do for you.

Phil C.
Perry, Fla.