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The primary causes of spider and varicose veins are heredity and pregnancy.  Each successive pregnancy increases the chance of developing both cosmetic and medical vein problems.

Vein problems during pregnancy usually start in the first trimester because it is primarily a hormone-related process. Later during pregnancy, the pregnant uterus also puts pressure on pelvic veins contributing to vein problems. Vein symptoms and appearance often improves after childbirth but usually some residual vein damage remains. Many women first notice veins during the second and subsequent pregnancies, but the vein damage actually started during the first pregnancy and was hidden under the skin! Vein disease is slow to develop and symptoms may be present before you see spider or varicose veins appear.

During pregnancy and, especially after childbirth, the risk of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) in leg veins and of pulmonary embolism (PE) increases. Varicose veins during pregnancy increase the risk of DVT, superficial thrombophlebitis (varicose vein clots) and PE. Labial, groin and buttock varicosities may also develop during pregnancy and are easily treated at Vein911®.

There are 3 reasons for treating and/or preventing varicose veins during pregnancy:

  1. Preventing or reducing permanent damage to veins due to the additional stress veins are subjected to during pregnancy.
  2. Immediate relief of distressing symptoms including itching, cramping, heaviness, throbbing, burning, swelling, and restless legs.
  3. Reducing the risk of DVT, thrombophlebitis and PE.

There are tremendous benefits from wearing compression hose as their use reduces the risk of vein problems during pregnancy while relieving discomfort. There is no better conservative treatment for your veins and quality compression hose are very comfortable. We highly recommend that you wear custom-measured and properly-fitted compression hose containing no latex rubber during pregnancy.  These hose are available from Vein911®. Not all compression hose are high-quality so beware of over-the-counter compression hose!

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