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Leg swelling, or edema in the legs, is something that thousands upon thousands of people face. It is the abnormal accumulation of fluid underneath of the skin, and commonly affects the circulation of fluid of the feet, ankles, and legs. This excess fluid can make your legs feel heavy, and make it difficult to stand or walk.

Compression stockings are a helpful non-invasive way to control the swelling and push the fluid back up into your trunk. These elastic socks are firm and provide pressure via a firm grip on the ankles with more relaxing pressure as they move up the legs. By providing compression, these garments help to force your blood back up into your trunk toward your heart to improve blood flow.

How to Use Compression Documents for Swollen Legs

Putting on compression stockings for the first time can be a bit tricky. With some tips and practice, the task is easier.

Before You Put Them On

First, before you put them on, always wash them. They are easier to put on when freshly washed.  Having two pair is ideal, so that you always have a clean pair.

When to Put Them On

You should put on your compression stockings first thing in the morning, when your leg swelling is the least. Keep them by your bed, so that you put them on before you get up and about.

Tips to Put Them On

You put on your compression stockings the same way you do normal socks, but because they are quite firm, they can be difficult to put on. Some tips to help you to put them on more easily include:

  • Start with bone dry skin. If you’re skin is wet, the garment may stick to your legs.
  • Wearing rubber gloves. This will help you get a firm grip on them as you pull them up your leg
  • Sprinkle them with baby powder or talcum powder. This will help so the socks don’t stick to you leg.
  • Refrain from letting the socks bunch up as you put them on. Take your time and keep them unbunched.

Also, try using a silky scarf to help you ease them on, if your compression stockings are the open toe kind. Some people find that a plastic bag helps too.

If you’re having ankle swelling or swelling in your legs, here at Vein911 in Tampa, FL, we encourage you to call us at 855-396-8841. Dr. Chris Pittman and our team of vein specialist use advanced technology and the latest procedures to treat all kinds of vein problems.