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Vein Disease Treatment Center in Palm Harbor & Clearwater, FL 


All veins have a series of inner, one-way valves that promote the efficient flow of blood. If a valve malfunctions, it can allow deoxygenated blood to flow backward and collect in the vein. The bulging vein may then deepen in color, twist, and become visible under the skin. 

Varicose veins and spider veins are not just unattractive; they can also cause discomfort in the form of leg heaviness, swelling, numbness, burning, and tingling sensations. Additionally, some venous issues stem from an underlying medical condition that can lead to potentially serious complications if left untreated. For example, vein disease can sometimes progress and cause ulceration, deep vein thrombosis, and life-threatening pulmonary embolism. 

Even so, many people choose to live with this increasingly prevalent health issue, mainly due to some common misconceptions about vein treatment. For instance, some people mistakenly believe it is not covered by insurance, while others think their only option is vein-stripping surgery. Neither is true. Many health insurers (including Medicare) cover varicose vein treatment after medical-grade, graduated compression stockings are worn for several weeks. And vein stripping is an outdated practice that has been replaced by highly advanced, minimally invasive procedures. 

Eliminating the Barriers to Vein Disease Treatment 

Vein treatment is now faster, more convenient, and more affordable than ever before. Whether you have discomfort related to venous issues or you simply don’t like the look of your veins, an experienced vascular specialist at Vein911® Vein Treatment Center in Palm Harbor & Clearwater, Florida, can help. After we perform a thorough evaluation and confirm your diagnosis, we will fully explain your treatment options, which may include: 

Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT™) 

During this minimally invasive outpatient procedure, a physician uses ultrasound guidance to precisely administer a thin laser fiber to the treatment site. The physician then uses the laser to apply heat to the wall of a damaged vein, causing the vein to collapse and eliminating the backward flow of blood into it. After the ablation, the blood will then be rerouted through healthy veins in the surrounding area. Any discomfort associated with EVLT™ is minimal, and most patients resume their regular activities the next day. However, it is important to protect the treatment area by wearing compression hose for several weeks. 

Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy (VenaThrive®) 

Using a specialized ultrasound machine to create real-time images of the affected area, a physician can visualize the veins under the skin’s surface and assess the extent of venous insufficiency. The physician then prepares a sclerosant, which is a chemical solution mixed with gas to create a thick foam. Using a fine needle, the physician injects the foam directly into a damaged vein, displacing the blood in the vein and coming in contact with the vein’s inner lining. The foam irritates and damages the vein wall, triggering a series of reactions that ultimately cause the vein to close. During the healing process, the treated vein will be fully absorbed by the body. Most patients wear a compression garment for a few weeks afterward to improve blood flow at the treatment site and prevent blood clots. 

Veins Are All We Do 

As with any other medical condition, early detection and treatment of vein disease is the key to achieving the best possible outcome and quality of life. If you would like more information, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a vascular specialist at the Vein911® Vein Treatment Center in Clearwater & Palm Harbor, FL, where you can benefit from advanced vein care, including EVLT™ and VenaThrive®. Compared to vein-stripping surgery, these groundbreaking minimally invasive treatments offer many advantages, including no incisions, no hospitalization, no scarring, and a fast recovery.