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Close-up of man's nose with tiny red spider veins

Spider veins are damaged blood vessels that are visible just under the skin’s surface. Usually, they are red, blue, or purple, appearing in small clusters that resemble spider webs or tree branches. While these broken capillaries can form anywhere on the body, they most frequently appear on the legs and face.

Do Spider Veins Require Treatment?

Because spider veins can sometimes be an early warning sign of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), it is always best to have them evaluated by a qualified vein care specialist. CVI is a long-term condition that results from malfunctioning vein valves in the legs. Instead of efficiently moving deoxygenated blood back to the heart, the valves allow the blood to pool in the veins and increase the blood pressure in the legs. Although CVI is not life-threatening, it can lead to uncomfortable symptoms, such as leg heaviness, cramping, and swelling. Also, if left untreated, the condition can worsen and cause skin changes and ulceration.

Most spider veins turn out to be nothing more than a harmless cosmetic issue. Still, many people opt to treat them for aesthetic reasons. Vein911® Vein Treatment Center in Tampa, Florida, offers the latest spider vein treatment options, including visual sclerotherapy and VeinGogh. Our physicians and other skilled practitioners utilize highly precise techniques and tools to administer these nonsurgical, in-office treatments. Most of our patients report feeling minimal or no discomfort, and no one has ever asked us to stop a procedure because they were uncomfortable.

What Is Visual Sclerotherapy?

A common spider vein treatment, visual sclerotherapy involves the injection of a special chemical solution directly into a damaged blood vessel. Known as a sclerosant, the solution causes the vessel walls to swell, stick together, and seal shut, effectively stopping the flow of blood through it. Instead, the blood will be rerouted through nearby healthy veins, and the sealed blood vessel will collapse and gradually be absorbed by the body.

After visual sclerotherapy, most patients wear a compression stocking or bandage for about two weeks to minimize any swelling and keep pressure on the treated vein so it won’t refill with blood. While walking is important to help prevent blood clots, strenuous physical activities should be generally avoided until the practitioner gives the go-ahead.

Typically, treated spider veins will fade within a few weeks, although some may not disappear completely. The results of visual sclerotherapy can be dramatically superior to those that can be achieved with surface laser treatments. In fact, many patients are surprised by the remarkable visual difference between their treated and untreated legs.

What Is VeinGogh?

The VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis Treatment System is a groundbreaking spider vein treatment that utilizes high-burst technology to minimize the appearance of small broken capillaries. This noninjectable treatment involves the use of a hair-thin probe, through which a physician will deliver a controlled, high-frequency current to a spider vein. The current will coagulate the blood within the capillary, causing it to collapse while leaving the outer layers of skin unaffected. The collapsed blood vessel will then be gradually absorbed by the body.

Because VeinGogh is a highly precise spider vein treatment, it involves minimal risk of heat damage to the surrounding tissues and veins. It is also quick, painless, and more affordable than other spider vein treatment options. Finally, it is appropriate for all skin types and can be effective on spider veins that have proven to be resistant to other treatment options.

In many cases, the results of VeinGogh are immediately apparent. Depending on the appearance of the veins and the desired outcome, some patients opt for multiple treatments on a single spider vein.

Turn to Vein911® for Expert Guidance

If you would like to have your spider veins evaluated by an experienced vascular specialist,  call 1-855-VEIN-911 today to book a consultation at Vein911® Vein Treatment Center in Tampa, FL. After performing a thorough assessment, we can determine if your vein concerns are related to an underlying medical condition. Then, we can provide an accurate diagnosis and help you explore your spider vein treatment options.

Get the Best Treatment for Spider Veins at Vein911

At Vein911 Vein Treatment Center of Florida, we provide our patients with the leading treatment options like Visual Sclerotherapy and VeinGogh to treat spider veins. Our doctors, assisted by our skilled practitioners, administer your treatments using a needle that is barely the size of a shaft of human hair. At Vein911, no one has ever paused or stopped the procedure due to pain or discomfort. In fact, many patients report feeling little to no pain or discomfort at all.

Visual Sclerotherapy

This commonly used treatment permanently removes your spider veins. The results achieved through Visual Sclerotherapy are dramatically superior to those achieved through surface laser treatments. In fact, our patients in Florida are often surprised by the remarkable differences between a treated and untreated leg.


Still, if the idea of an injectable solution for spider veins is not your preference, or if your spider veins are very few or very small, you have an exciting option available to you: VeinGogh. The VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis Treatment System eliminates spider vein lines and red spots permanently. Best of all, it works immediately and does not involve an injection.

You’ll discover that the VeinGogh treatment system is quick, painless, and less expensive than other treatment options. It works on all skin types, and is effective on veins that have proven resistant to other treatment options.


The future of vein care is available today at Vein911® Vein Treatment Centers! VenaThrive® is a comprehensive, non-surgical treatment protocol that helps you feel better, look better, and heal better, with no surgery and no downtime.

VenaThrive® was created by world-renowned vein care physician, Christopher Pittman, M.D., FAVLS, FACR. This is more than just a procedure, it’s a unique combination of techniques with proven medical and cosmetic outcomes available exclusively at Vein911®.

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If you need help deciding if Visual Sclerotherapy, VeinGogh, or VenaThrive® is the best option for you, call us at 1-855-VEIN-911. Book your consultation with the Tampa Vein Specialists at Vein911 today!