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You Need a Certified Vein Specialist in Tampa – Not Just a MediSPA.

If you’re deciding when to get varicose vein treatment, you have a lot going through your mind. You already imagine how a vein specialist can help you meet your leg goals. You’re looking forward to wearing shorts this summer without worries. And the reduction in leg discomfort and heaviness will be a welcome relief.

While it’s important to consider how having a vein procedure can transform your life, it’s vital to ask the right questions before the procedure. Are you a good candidate? What kinds of varicose vein before and afters can you expect? Put these five questions on that list.

Questions to ask your vein specialist

Put these seven questions on that list.

1. Are you certified?

When you ask this, do they say, “no” or try to change the subject? Let’s stop right there. The vein industry has seen massive innovation in just the past 10-20 years. The availability of older technologies and the ease with which people who aren’t certified can use newer technologies has opened up the industry to non-certified and very poorly trained individuals.

Whether your leg goals are more cosmetic or just about comfort, the legs are essential. They’re how you get around. And you care what they look like.

Your vein care specialist in Tampa, Florida, should be skilled in both diagnosing various vein conditions and performing the best varicose vein treatment options for your situation. They have many to choose from.

Look for a varicose vein specialist who has:

    • Passed their exams and became fully certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine
    • Obtained their required ongoing education hours to maintain their certification
    • Completed all the procedure-specific training. 
  • You wouldn’t want someone who had never used a robotic surgery device to perform robotic surgery on you. The same goes for vein procedures. The veins are delicate and vital to body function as well as the leg’s appearance. You need this done right.

2. How many vein procedures do you perform a year?

Centers that perform vein procedures, along with many other types of methods, cannot be correctly called vein care specialists. A specialist is highly specialized and skilled in designated procedures. And this matters because when a specialist does a few types of similar methods repeatedly, they hone their skill to deliver the best solutions for managing varicose veins.

3. What is your success rate?

A vein care specialist in Tampa, Florida, should be well-aware of their success and rates for the particular procedure you will have. If you ask this, be on the lookout for fast talkers who try to distract from the fact that their skill leaves many patients unhappy with their results. 

4. What varicose treatment options do you recommend?

A vein procedure isn’t just one solution. Depending on the vein symptoms, along with overall health, lifestyle, and other factors, one or another procedure may be the best option for you. A vein specialist should be able to present these options and explain why a particular one is indicated based upon your unique patient profile.

These might include:

    • Spider vein treatment
    • Veingogh
    • Radiofrequency ablation
    • Endovenous laser ablation (EVLT)
  • Ultrasound-guided Sclerotherapy

5. Is this procedure painful?

Everyone feels pain differently, but most patients experience minimal discomfort or temporary side effects from vein procedures. Each of the vein procedures above is minimally-invasive and requires very little downtime. These procedures have come a long way since the days when a vein treatment was an open surgical procedure. 

Today, tools like endoscopes, ultrasound, and laser make vein procedures less disruptive to your life, so you heal more quickly and get to start enjoying your own before and after.

Finding the right varicose vein specialist

Our Tampa, Florida vein care specialists are certified in the procedures they perform. They perform several of these procedures a day, so they know what they’re doing and have very high individual and practice success rates. They work under the direct supervision of our fully-certified medical director, who is a Board Member, American Vein, and Lymphatic Society. 

Meet Our Vein Physicians in Florida at Vein911 Vein Treatment Center. We’re here to answer any questions and help you begin your vein health journey.