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Can I Prevent Vein Disease?

Unfortunately, vein disease is primarily genetic and you cannot pick your parents. There is no evidence that any drug, vitamin or nutraceutical will slow the progression of your vein disease. However, you can take some conservative measures to slow the progression of your vein disease.

Walk! Exercise! Swim!

Remember, we have “3” hearts! The heart we all know about in our chest and the two we forget about in each of our calf muscles called the “calf muscle pump.”

Contracting your calf muscle keeps your blood and lymph fluid from pooling in your legs which can lead to damage to your veins and unwanted symptoms. 

Be a ballerina (point your toes repeatedly) or a NASCAR driver (pump the brakes with your feet). You can do this even while sitting. Anyone in any condition can do this.

Sit The Proper Height!

We often sit too high and put pressure on the back of our thighs. We should sit on our “butt bones,” not our thighs. Prolonged pressure on the back of your thighs compresses venous blood outflow and lymph fluid outflow, which may cause or worsen leg, ankle, and foot swelling.

Put a sheet of paper under your thigh, directly behind your calf, where your knee bends. If you cannot pull the sheet out without tearing it, your chair is too high. Your knees should be about a ½ inch higher than your hips when sitting down.

Most chairs are not adjustable so put something underneath your feet.

Sit the proper height ANY time you are sitting down: at work, in your car, during air travel, and at home watching TV.

Wear Graduated Compression Hose!

A quality pair of measured and fitted, medical-grade “graduated” compression hose are a wonderful thing. Ask your Vein Care Specialist for details.

Achieve and Maintain Your Ideal Body Weight! 

An ideal body weight improves your mobility, allowing more exercise, which prevents blood pooling in your legs. If you need to lose weight, it’s just a decision. Activity and weight loss helps many things that are negatively affecting your life. Ideal body weight and exercise improve mind, body, spirit, and helps your vein disease!

The good news is that Vein911 can stop your vein disease today using non-surgical, virtually pain-free methods not available everywhere. Our protocol and treatment methods give you the most complete and long-lasting results available anywhere in the world today. The future of vein care is available to you at Vein911! Ask your Vein Care Specialist for details.

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