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Injection sclerotherapy of cosmetic veins on the legs is THE gold standard.
Surface laser treatments are painful, expensive, and often do not work.
Spider veins or surface veins on your legs are like “weeds”. Weeds have roots, and if you do not get rid of the roots, the weeds grow back. This is why surface treatments other than sclerotherapy do not work on leg veins. When you inject a sclerosant like Polidocanol or Sotradecol — both are FDA approved for cosmetic vein treatment — the sclerosant gets down into and destroys the “roots” of the spider vein leading to better and more lasting results.
We usually use “foam” sclerotherapy which allows us to treat more spider veins, with fewer needle sticks, more effectively. We use a needle the size of human hair. Foam is little used in the USA but is an amazing technology for superior results in medical and cosmetic vein care.
We are so confident in our cosmetic outcomes that we have offered a 100% patient satisfaction guarantee for many years.
Many vein care specialists focus only on medical vein disease and not cosmetic vein problems so search carefully.