What Does Treatment for Vein Disease Consist Of?


  • Meet your Vein Care Specialist and receive a comprehensive medical and cosmetic vein evaluation.
  • An ultrasound exam will be recommended if your issue is medical.


  • An ultrasound exam of your legs is performed to evaluate your vein size and determine if you any leaky vein valves.

Ultrasound Follow Up Appointment

  • Your custom vein map report is reviewed with your Vein Care Specialist.
  • Conservative management and minimally-invasive treatment is discussed if your report is positive for vein disease.

Conservative Treatment

  • Most insurance companies require a conservative trial of compression hose and other measures.
  • Your treatment will not be covered by insurance without a conservative treatment lasting anywhere from 3-6 weeks (depending on your insurance provider).
  • Our medical-grade graduated compression hose are world-class, custom measured, comfortable, and even stylish.
  • Most patients with vein symptoms feel better when wearing high quality hose and often see immediate improvements.
  • Appointments throughout conservative treatment may be completed virtually.

Vein Treatment

  • Thermal Ablation and Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy (UGFS) are performed following your compression trial. 
  • Most patients need 1-2 thermal ablations and 2 UGFS to complete treatment of one leg.
  • There is NO downtime. You return to normal activities immediately following each treatment.
  • Treatments are virtually pain free. 

Treatment Follow Up

  • An ultrasound exam of your legs will be completed to document closure of your treated veins.

Progress Visits

  • A Vein Care Specialist will evaluate your progress at 2 months, 6 months and 12 months post-treatment.
  • Follow up appointments may be completed virtually 

Discount Spider Vein Treatment

  • Optional, discount spider vein treatment sessions will be offered to assist with cosmetic concerns.
  • Note that one session is never adequate to get rid of all cosmetic spider veins!
  • Cosmetic spider vein treatment packages available to those who desire additional sessions.

Cosmetic Spider Vein Treatment

  • Not covered by insurance. Ask your Vein Care Specialist for details.
  • Most patients are very happy after three, 30 minute sessions.


If you are experiencing pain, swelling or skin changes due to your varicose veins, you may qualify for insurance coverage for at least a portion of your treatment. Vein911 accepts a broad range of insurance, making it easier for our patients to get the vein treatment pricing that they need. To learn more about Dr. Chris Pittman, read his Health-grades reviews here.