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Life-Changing Results

Vein Treatment Results and Testimonials for Vein911

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Every other doctor said I could no be cured until I saw Dr. Pittman.
Not only did he and his staff quickly come up with a plan to help me, but they were also very upfront and honest.
From an insurance standpoint, consider the value of UGFS (a fraction of the cost of venous ablation.) By approving these treatments to complement the ablation treatments will save you money in the long term!
After having the venous ablation and specifically the 5 UGFS treatments, I can already see the results. The swelling in my leg is down considerably, and my ulcers are starting to heal!

I was treated by Dr. Pittman over a period of several months. He is the only one who has been able to help and provide relief from the pain and swelling but also the horrid appearance of the varicose veins. I no longer have a problem with the long periods of being on my feet in the same position.

– Dr. Madelyn Butler
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Dear Dr. Pittman, We are very grateful for your help! It was absolutely amazing work, convincing that you are an exceptional professional.

- Mikhail and Tatiana B.

Due to my previous experience with vein procedures, I did not expect the amazing results Dr. Pittman was able to achieve for me. I am thrilled at how my legs now look and I did not experience pain or discomfort as I had in the past.

- Linda E.
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Dr. Pittman and all his staff were extremely nice and very professional. Dr. Pittman was very gentle and did an excellent job with the procedure to eliminate my varicose vein, with no pain or discomfort. I cannot say enough about how easy it was and what a great job Dr. Pittman did.

- Kathy W.

Thank you for the outstanding care that I received during my treatment at Vein911. You and your staff are truly amazing.

- D. Joseph
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